Electric Security Fencing

ESFL is the number one supplier of electric security fencing in Auckland and has been since 1986. ESFL electric security fences are the most effective security product on the market. You can spend thousands on CCTV, infrared, motion detectors etc, but none of these will physically repel intruders, protect your property, staff, buildings, assets and just plain KEEP THEM OUT!

We provide free training for our customers on maintenance and operation of electric security fences.

Electric Security Fences:

  • are a powerful deterrent that transfer crime and vandalism away from your property to others that are less well protected
  • have an output to fence and gate of up to 8,000 volts with 4 joules of energy every second
  • are interfaced with your building's alarm system. The fence monitoring and alarm activation capability alerts your security company to motivated intruders. The alarm will activate if wires are cut, interfered with or moved.
  • are tolerant of environmental conditions including wind, rain, vegetation and wildlife
  • can be integrated with your access control system
  • satisfy OSH requirements to keep the public out of hazardous areas
  • are safe, they conform to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3016:2002

For a full description of the system download the PDF "Electric Security Fence Systems", and see our FAQs on electric security fencing.